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Madeline offers public speaking and tailored consulting services to you, your project(s), and/or your organization.  Madeline has consulted on projects ranging from institutional land acknowledgment processes to books, articles, college classes, and more. If you are interested and would like to learn more, please fill out the form below.





Madeline's perspective is rooted in her Wyandotte identity and customs. She offers culturally informed consulting services to those wishing to create work that not only fights the erasure of Native people, but sets the stage for authentic connections and collaborations between different communities. Currently, Madeline co-teaches a course at The University of Evansville focusing on the history, purpose, pitfalls, and process of land acknowledgments and land-based reparations within predominantly white institutions as prompted by the release of demands by "We See You White American Theatre"(WeSeeYouWAT) in the summer of 2020. Madeline successfully facilitates participant-led discussions on rarely taught Native history while highlighting historical and current Indigenous oppression contextualized within the backdrop of a vibrant institutional history made possible by the displacement of Indigenous people. She guides consensus decision-making to form robust, multi-year action plans to accompany future institutional land acknowledgments aimed at potential reconciliation with displaced Tribes.



Please describe your project and consulting needs in the form below. I will be happy to follow up within three business days.

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