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A Short Film by Madeline Easley

Filmed by Outaline Productions

"A rage-revenge story"

Months after the teenage girls of a Native American Tribe begin growing predatory, bird-like features following an uptick of violence against women in the area, a young woman's sister is brutally assaulted by a stranger. How far will she go down to hunt the man responsible when she has yet to undergo her own transformation? 

Madeline Easley is one of six Native women filmmakers who debuted short films at "We the Peoples Before," a celebration of Native culture, sovereignty, history, and vitality, produced by First Peoples Fund in the Summer of 2022 at the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. Click here to learn more about the screening and panel discussion. THE FEATHERED GIRL was commissioned by First Peoples Fund in 2021. In November 2022, THE FEATHERED GIRL premiered in LA at the historic TCL Chinese Theatre as a featured selection at the LA SKINS FEST in Hollywood. 

Sunset on the Sea


A Full Length Play

FEAST FOR THE DEAD by Madeline Easley was developed as a part of her 2022 Greenhouse Residency at SPACE on Ryder Farms. More to come!

Land Mining


A Short Play by Madeline Easley


A Native American woman living with severe chronic illness due to lead poisoning from growing up in Picher, Oklahoma, AKA "The Most Toxic Town in America," returns home and spends a night with her high school sweetheart, a man who severed all connection with her years earlier. Together, they discuss past wrongs and future dreams as they struggle to understand their home, the world, and what comes after this life with limited exposure to their Tribe's ancestral teachings.

SHIFT received its first staged reading at Rattlestick Theatre in NYC on September 30th, 2022.

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A Full-Length Screenplay by Madeline Easley

Scenes Filmed by Outaline Productions

An artistic wellness commune (AKA cult) offers to return ancestral land to a Native American Tribe in an elaborate reconciliation ceremony to end a mysterious curse that has trapped them for centuries on stolen land. 

"WHEN WE LIVED THERE" was written as a part of Madeline's 2021 Cultural Capital Fellowship. The script was workshopped in November 2021 and is currently being developed further.

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